Leader of Opposition asked for resignation from CM Champai Soren

Ranchi:  Leader of Opposition Amar Kumar Bauri has targeted the Champai government.

He tweeted and wrote, “Listen to the new agenda of the JMM-Congress-RJD government, which is well versed in spreading fraud and confusion, “Hemant Soren is in danger inside the jail of his own government.”

Whose government is there in Jharkhand?

Chief Minister Champai Soren himself goes to jail weekly and appears before Hemant Soren.

Is the jail run by the state government or not?

The Chief Minister himself is in charge of the Home and Jail Department.

Still a threat?

If there is a threat to the life of one’s own leader by being in the government, then the Chief Minister should resign from his post and if this is an agenda then JMM-Congress-RJD should apologize to the people of the state for spreading confusion, Hemant in the BJP government after the elections.

Kalpana Soren had posted on social media that former Chief Minister Hemant Soren was in danger in jail.

Kalpana had written that “Just as Father Stan, who raised his voice for the weakest class, was silenced due to institutional neglect and injustice, similar oppression is being meted out to Hemant Soren.

She has also shared the picture of former CM Hemant Soren with Father Stan Swamy on social media.

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