Large number of pending cases and crowded prisons do not augur well for any country or the state: Chief Minister

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said large number of pending cases and crowded prisons do not agur well for any country or the state.

Speaking after distributing appointment letters among the newly appointed Assistant Public Prosecutors at the project building here he said that he is not able to forget recently when in the gathering of Chief Justice of India Supreme Court judges and other eminent personalities President Draupadi Murmu had remarked as to what was the need to make jails and why not take steps to reduce their numbers which means clearly at the present time in the Judicial system there are numerous  pending cases and the number of prisoners has increased which is not good for the country and state. 

He said that this appointment letter distribution function is not being held for the first time as on previous occasion appointment letters have been also distributed among successful candidates of 6th and 7th to 10th JPSC Exams, Assistant engineers, Agriculture officers, officers for legal science laboratory and even players who have brought laurels to the state at national and international level they have been provided appointment letters by the state government.

He said that on the vacant posts for the first time these appointments have been made but unfortunately their training could not be done due to lack of time so you will have to directly go to the field. He said that if the government if is able to find time then it will send them for better training inside and even outside the state so that in the state people can get quick justice. He asked the newly appointed APPs to think upon the mental condition of those who people who are innocent but are still languishing in jail.

The Chief Minister said that the doctor and lawyers are considered gods but to maintain the faith of the people in them it is your responsibility and they will also work as an inseparable part of the government. The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand is home to a large number of tribals dalits minorities and backwards population and even common people have no knowledge about law and legal terms and in such a situation to help them get justice and make arguments for them in the court can be difficult.

The Chief Minister said that as far as I know in prisons of the state there are many poor in the jail who due to lack of money are not able to hire lawyers nor are they able to reach the courts but the government for them also is trying to provide all possible help. He pointed out that even in villages people are not aware that the government provides lawyers to the poor who are paid by the government. We need to tell people that for the lack of lawyers they would not be denied justice he said.

The Chief Minister said that social structure and geographic area of Jharkhand is different from other states as in every district there are people who speak different languages and follow different customs and in many rural areas they do not even know Hindi. Therefore in the area of posting try and learn the local language so that people can get easily justice he advised them.

The Chief Minister said that in the Supreme Court and High Court use of English is more but in Jharkhand when people do not know Hindi talks of English is worthless so when they will be appointed in local areas they should collect language information and asked the officials to include language in their training so that they do not feel helpless.

Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Vandana Dadel Secretary to Chief Minister Vinay Choubey were also present on the occasion.

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