Keeping in mind the interest of the traders, state government should withdraw the market fee bill: Sanjay Seth

Ranchi: Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth has demanded the state government to take back the Agricultural Production and Livestock Marketing Bill 2022 in the interest of the traders.

Addressing a press conference he said that keeping in view the convenience of the traders, the former BJP government had removed the agriculture fee, this increased the business but the present government has again decided to impose 2 percent market fee, due to which the farmers will be able to save the food business. 

Along with this, traders and common people will have to bear the brunt of inflation. In Jharkhand, most of the food items come from outside, tax is already imposed on them, then 2 per cent market fee will have to be paid on coming here, due to which food grains will be expensive and people of every class will be affected.

Also, there will be a bad effect on the business because there is no market fee in the surrounding states, as well as the bureaucracy will dominate he said adding that he is standing with traders in this fight and has supported closure of traders. He gave information about the important topics raised in the House during the budget session.

Seth said that he demanded that the Pahadi Mandir is as a place of national importance and demanded its protection and also called that declared it monument of national importance, demanded to work for its conservation and promotion.

Raising the issue of NIFT in the House he demanded autonomy and national recognition of this historic institution so that the Prime Minister’s vision of Make in India and self-reliant India could be made meaningful and put on the ground.

Information about the Anganwadi center related to the Ministry of Women and Child Development was also taken, along with the details of the work done under CSR in Jharkhand, it was told by the center that Rs 210 crore has been spent in Jharkhand under the CRS fund, in which cleanliness rural In addition to development, sports training, business skills, women empowerment, agriculture, animal welfare, art and culture have been spent on other things, as well as demanded a law at the national level to stop cow smuggling.

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