Keenan Stadium will be made of international standard, IPL Matches will be held in Jamshedpur

Ranchi: Jharkhand’s first cricket stadium Keenan will be made of international standards. Preparations have started to improve Keenan Stadium which was built in 1939. The people of Jamshedpur will also be able to see star cricketers playing in this ground. The last match at Keenan took place on 12 April 2006 between India and England.

Since then there has been no cricket match here and the condition of the ground is also not very good. After almost 17 years, preparations have started once again to improve the ground and convert it into an international-level cricket stadium. This ground can play an important role in the IPL. Tata is the main sponsor of IPL.

Tata is working on this ground so that players can be landed here. It is discussed that the Tata Company is making Keenan Stadium a base camp for the practice of its team. Preparation has started regarding this. There will be less seating arrangements in this stadium. The spectators who come to watch the match will be able to sit on the grass and enjoy the game.

There are stadiums in many countries including Australia and England which are built in bowl oval shape stands. By removing the chair or concrete ladder, the spectators will be able to enjoy the game comfortably sitting or lying on the grass on the high place made in the stand. Right now many important decisions have to be taken for the construction of this stadium.

The ground will be prepared completely a new, a decision is being taken on what will be broken and will be shaped from a new end. The building of Prem Jyoti Prangan School will not be demolished but it can be shifted near the school Utkal Association. This stadium is being prepared on the lines of international stadiums.

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