JMM workers should start preparing for elections – Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister and JMM working president Hemant Soren has come into action regarding Mission 2024. He summoned district and block presidents and secretaries from across the state to Ranchi.

On Thursday, a meeting was held at Sohrai Bhawan in Ranchi and necessary directions were given. In this meeting, after four years, he listened to the thoughts of the leaders and workers, saw their enthusiasm and also felt their pulse. He said that the people of the state believed in us with great expectations and extended their support. It is the responsibility of the government as well as the organization to live up to this public trust.

The government launched many schemes in four phases. The government is working to take it among the public through its medium, but it is also the responsibility of the people of the organization to take these schemes to the public, so that its benefits reach the last person.

He instructed the leaders and workers to start preparing for the elections. Said that political parties always prepare for elections. The organization continues to prepare for this continuously. Sarkar Aapke Dwar program is starting again from 16th November. There is a need for people from the party and organization to mobilize in this also.

In the party briefing after the meeting, General Secretary cum Spokesperson Vinod Kumar Pandey said that today’s meeting was important because party working President Hemant Soren himself participated in it. District and block presidents and secretaries from the entire state participated in the meeting.

In the meeting, along with strengthening the party organization, instructions were given to take the government schemes among the people in a better way and provide them their benefits. Party leaders were instructed to vigorously run the membership campaign and achieve the set targets. He said that many programs have been decided at the government and party level, which the party will soon release in turn.

Vinod Pandey said that everyone knows that the political situation of Jharkhand has changed in the last elections. All the parties involved in the alliance know that JMM is playing the role of elder brother here. Our Executive President and CM Hemant Soren is also a member of the India Alliance Core Convenor Committee.

When there is a meeting of the India Alliance, Hemant Soren will present his views, he has been authorized for this. Whatever decision they take, it will be acceptable to the party organization. Vinod Pandey said that JMM and Hemant Soren are important parts of the India alliance. Right now elections are to be held in five states.

In which there are many tribal-dominated seats. JMM has not fielded a candidate there, but if there is a demand from the alliance, then Hemant Soren will definitely go for the election campaign. Till now this demand has not come from the alliance.

In the meeting, many district heads and block officials raised the issue with the CM that our government is running here. Many schemes are going on, the public is benefiting from them. But the officers do not help in implementing it, do not listen. On the complaints of party officials, the CM said that this will not happen. This government has been formed by the people. Officers will have to cooperate and work.

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