Jharkhand Tribal Festival 2023, Dishome Guru Shibu Soren and CM Hemant congratulated tribal’s, said- this festival is unique

Ranchi:  Jharkhand Tribal Festival 2023 has started for a glimpse of tribal traditions and culture at Birsa Munda Park in Ranchi on Wednesday. Apart from Dishome Guru Shibu Soren, CM Hemant Soren, many ministers were present at the inauguration of the ceremony.

The program was started by lighting the lamp. But before that tribute was paid to the people killed in the Manipur violence and a minute’s silence was also observed for the peace of their souls. Expressing happiness about the tribal festival.

Addressing the program, Dishome Guru said that tribals are not only in the country but in the whole world. He said that in order to live a tribal life, he tries to eat according to his traditions. He works as a labourer to live a tribal life.

CM Hemant Soren first congratulated on World Tribal Day. After this, he said in his address that for the first time after the formation of Jharkhand, this kind of event is being organized on a large scale on World Tribal Day. He said that today’s program is special in many ways. Many events will be held across the country for two days. It is unique in itself. All the tribes of the country are one, so our fight should also be one. Because we have the same blood.

CM further said that there are only displaced tribals in the country and in the state. Our people are burning in the coal furnace. The central government never paid attention to this. Tribals have contributed a lot to the country. But they were not given a place in history. Today the tribe is struggling for its existence. Tribal society is making important contributions in every field. But today the tribals are the most neglected. Adivasi is the original resident.

It is the tribals who are saving the water-forest and trees and plants. Further said that we are scattered.  That’s why our people are being killed in Manipur. We have to unite. Adivasi Mahotsav has been organized for the second time after the separation of the state. The last time it was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety with great vigour amid heavy rains. Compared to last time, this year’s festival is looking more grand and full of enthusiasm. 

Got the opportunity to speak at the inauguration of this two-day festival. In today’s situation, this day is important in many ways. Tribal societies of different states will present their dance. There will also be discussions on various topics. Tribal economics, science, and society will be discussed. I appeal to more than 13 crore tribals of the country to fight unitedly. The tribes of the country are scattered. Divided in the name of religion and caste. While our culture is one. We have to fight together for our rights.

CM Hemant Soren said that in almost all parts the tribal society has had to bear the pain of displacement. Irrespective of whose government is at the Centre or in the state, not much effort has ever been made to reduce the pain of the tribal society. How cruel is our system? Never did the work of finding out where the people displaced by mines, dams, factories went; 80 % of the people displaced by mines, industries, dams, rendered homeless are tribals.

Millions of people were cut off from their language, from their culture, from their roots. Yesterday’s farmer is today forced to sell coal there on cycle. We have been forced to go to big cities to wash utensils, raise children or do bonded labour in brick kilns. Lakhs of acres of land were given to coal companies without rehabilitating the act. Our Jharia city has been burning on the furnace of fire for years, but the coal companies and the Government of India are sleeping with oil in their ears.  How can the tribal society consider this development as its own? After all, whose land has gone in the grip of development? Whose livelihood has been taken away? Whose language is dying out? Whose culture is in danger? Shouldn’t the government have taken stock of this? Who are those who have evolved? 

CM Hemant Soren said that the so-called mainstream historians have also done dishonesty with the tribals. They did not record their history, nor was the contribution of tribals in the development of the country recognized. 

Be it the war against the British or the struggle against the tyranny of moneylenders or the courage to be hanged or the courage to die fighting as the last man. Despite the leadership in these, historians did not give place to our ancestors. Today many languages of tribals have disappeared or are on the verge of disappearing in different parts of the country. The gods and goddesses of the tribals are being usurped by other people or are being handed over to their gods.

Today, efforts are being made to tie our lives with the centres of faith. People are busy snatching even our name from us. We are tribals/natives, but it is a strange thing that someone is calling the society which has no caste a ‘tribe’ and someone is teasing it in a way by calling it a forest dweller. 

The Chief Minister said that today when the tribal is trying to speak against the contempt done in the scriptures for his identity and the neglect done in history, then efforts are being made to silence him. Even though there have been many revolutionary heroes, scholars and thinkers among the tribals, efforts have always been made by the mainstream of the society that we could not have any status and we could not have any role in policy-making.

When we try to know the history of tribal culture, tribal society, and then not much mention is found before 1800 AD. When writing about us also started, we were only considered as the leader of the chain of revolution, an attempt was made to divide us into pieces. While in every period of history, the tribal society has been registering its special presence. Our forefathers established a republic, built a state, established ruling dynasties for public welfare. Under these circumstances, it would not be wrong to say that the contribution of the tribal society in shaping the civilization and culture of this country should be reinterpreted.

We need to see tribal society from the eyes of tribal thinkers, writers and scholars. It is true that even today the poorest, uneducated, oppressed, displaced and exploited class of the country is the tribal class, but it is also true that we are the heirs of a great civilization, we have a lot to give to the world human society. There is a need for policy makers to have a vision.

The Chief Minister further said that is it not unfortunate that today’s policy makers are not ready to accept the same diversity due to the different language-culture-religion which made us tribals? For us tribals, our land, our culture, our language is very important. Adivasi com is a self-respecting com. Com is the one who works hard and eats. She does not beg from anyone. We are com of Lord Birsa, Eklavya, Rana Poonja. We are the natives of this country. Our forefathers saved the forest, saved the animals, saved the mountain.

This great culture needs to be seen with respect. We should not be seen as just poor people living in the jungle. Our forefathers have the whole story of forest and human development. Today there is a need to inculcate sympathy towards the tribal society within a common countryman. There is a need to create a sense of respect and cooperation among the common people towards the tribal society. I wish that mutual dialogue starts between different tribal groups.

Today we are divided, disorganized, that is why the topic of tribal oppression of Manipur is not becoming the topic of Munda people of Jharkhand. The Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are not coming forward to accept the pain of Meena Bhai of Rajasthan as their own.

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