Jharkhand ranks 9th in use of e-prison portal, 666 people are meeting prisoners every day

Ranchi: The Government of India has launched an e-prison portal to meet the prisoners in jail.

Every day 666 people are meeting the prisoners in jail in Jharkhand through the e-prison portal.

During the last one month (from May 9 to June 9), 19,995 people have met the prisoners lodged in a total of 31 jails of the state.

At present there are a total of 31 jails in Jharkhand, which include seven central jails, 16 divisional jails, seven upkaras and one open jail.

A total of 17647 prisoners are lodged in all these jails.

NIC developed the e-Prison portal and implemented it in Jharkhand in December 2014.

The main objective of this application is to provide reliable information about the Prison Department of Jharkhand.

This application promotes prisoner reform, greater transparency and centralized database planning and management, better efficiency and accountability of prisoners.

Through this portal, any member of the family of a jail prisoner can talk through video conferencing from his mobile or computer sitting at home or can also apply online on this portal for a face to face meeting in the jail.

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