Jharkhand polls: Cong has 67% candidates with criminal cases in phase 2

New Delhi (IANS) Sixty-seven per cent Congress candidates contesting the phase 2 of the Jharkhand Assembly polls slated for December 7, have criminal cases against them, according to data compiled and analyzed by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

The data revealed that 26 per cent of the total candidates in the fray have criminal cases against them, while 17 per cent have declared serious criminal cases.

Among the major parties and those analyzed by the ADR, 67 per cent from the Congress, 50 per cent from JMM, 42 per cent from AJSU, 40 per cent each from the BJP and JVM-P have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.

When it comes to serious criminal charges against themselves, the Congress tops the chart here as well, with 50 per cent candidates.

While 36 per cent are from the JMM, 25 per cent from the BJP, 25 per cent from JVM-P and just 8 per cent from AJSU.

Some of the politicians also have serious charges that pertains to crime against women. Four candidates have declared cases related to crime against women. Of the four, one candidate has declared cases related to heinious crimes like rape.

Not just alleged rapists but alleged murderers are also contesting the second phase. Eight candidates have declared that they have cases under IPC Section-307 which pertains to attempt to murder. Meanwhile, four have declared cases of murder against them. There are three candidates who have conceded that they have earlier been convicted of crimes.

The Jharkhand Election Watch and ADR have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of all 260 candidates who are contesting the second phase of the Jharkhand Assembly elections.

Jharkhand is going for the second phase of Assembly polls on December 7. The state is holding a five-phases election owing to maoist violence.

Jharkhand will be the third BJP-ruled state to hold elections in 2019, after Maharashtra and Haryana, which voted on October 21.

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