Jharkhand Police will buy 10 interceptor vehicles, brakes will be applied on the speed of vehicles

Ranchi: Jharkhand Police will buy 10 interceptor vehicles to control the speed limit on the roads.

Jharkhand Police Headquarters has issued an order regarding this.

Earlier in the year 2018, six interceptor vehicles were purchased by the Jharkhand Police.

Of these, two vehicles have been given to Ranchi, one each to Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh and Bokaro.

Through the interceptor vehicle, the vehicles breaking the speed limit are captured in photo equipment.

Then an e-challan is sent to them.

But what will be the maximum speed of vehicles on the road, it has not been decided yet.

In such a situation, the policemen are not able to use it.

Crores of interceptor vehicles are lying idle due to not using it properly.

Talking about Ranchi, at present there are two interceptor vehicles.

Both are also fitted with speed measuring instruments.

But these are of no use.

The interceptor vehicle is only seen moving on the roads.

A speed gun camera is installed on the interceptor vehicle.

Which catches the speed of vehicles passing at high speed around it.

If the speed of the vehicle is more than the speed, then action is taken against the drivers of the vehicle.

An automatic challan is deducted in this.

Apart from this, this message is also sent to the registered mobile number of those who drive at high speed.

In which it is written that you have driven the vehicle at a very high speed.

That’s why the fine has to be paid.

If this mistake is made thrice, then their driving license can also be cancelled.

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