Jharkhand Competitive Examination Bill, 2023 passed from Vidhan Sabha – CM Hemant Soren

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Competitive Examination (Measures for Prevention of Unfair Means in Recruitment) Bill, 2023 was passed from the House on the fifth day of the monsoon session of the Vidhan Sabha amid two amendments and heavy opposition from BJP MLAs.

This bill was introduced in the House by the in-charge minister Alamgir Alam.

Two amendments were brought by the MLAs of the ruling party, which were accepted by Chief Minister Hemant Soren and announced in the House.

Under the provision made in the bill, the sentence of 3 years was converted into 1 year and the sentence of 7 years was converted into 1 year.

This bill was passed with two amendments in the bill.

After the passing of this bill, now any examinee or examination agency can file an FIR without any investigation on the charges of stealing or getting stolen.

In the House, Chief Minister Hemant Soren attacked the BJP and the central government fiercely on the pretext of this bill.

He said that this law is not being made only in Jharkhand, but this law has already been made in many BJP ruled states.

He said that BJP only opposes anything.

The CM said that currently there is a law to prevent plagiarism in competitive exams, but there was a need for such a law, which could strictly prevent plagiarism.

Lakhs of students cannot be punished for one person’s mistake.

Further, the CM said that keeping this in mind, this law is being brought.

Now it should be allowed to pass, in future it will be amended as per the need of the time.

He Said that the central government also passes many types of laws and acts.

At present, the Central Government has introduced an amendment in the Forest Rights Act, which has become a cause of protest across the country.

That’s why BJP people oppose everything good just to shine their politics and to inflame the sentiments of the people.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that always one person is at fault, but many people bear the brunt of it.

In competitive exams, it is often seen that one agency or one student makes a mistake and thousands of students bear the brunt of it, so this type of law was desperately needed.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that unemployment is a big problem in Jharkhand.

Due to this unemployment, people are coming forward for work like land and in that they are being murdered and disputes are also taking place.

The murder of Subhash Munda is a great example of this, the main focus of the government is to give employment to the youth and to stop any kind of malpractice in the competitive examination.

Earlier, Male MLA Vinod Singh and Congress MLA Pradeep Yadav presented the amendment and suggested it to the government.

He said that many harsh sections have been imposed in this which needs amendment.

He said that if someone is caught doing misconduct, an FIR will be lodged without investigation, so the word student should be removed from this act.

Fellow MLAs demanded that the sentence is too long, so the sentence should be reduced a bit.

On the demand of the MLAs, Chief Minister Hemant Soren announced the amendment in the House to reduce the sentence of 3 years to 1 year and the sentence of 7 years to 3 years.

With these two amendments, the bill was passed from the House.

There was a provision of punishment of three years for being caught stealing or getting it done, which was amended by the CM to one year at the behest of the associate legislators.

One crore to two crore rupees will have to be fined.

Given to the candidates who steal, the effect of the punishment to be done will be so much that the age limit for doing their job can be over.

A fine of up to five lakh rupees can be imposed.

Failure to pay the fine can lead to an additional nine months’ imprisonment.

If the examinee is caught for the second time, the punishment was seven years and the amount of penalty was up to Rs 10 lakh, which has been amended to 3 years.

After filing a charge sheet against the examinee in the court, two to five years in the examination will not be able to appear.

If convicted by the court, the concerned candidate will not be able to appear in the competitive examination for 10 years.

Those who break the confidentiality of the examination by the company or agency involved in the examination, those who leak the question paper will be punished with imprisonment for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life imprisonment.

A fine ranging from one crore to two crore will be imposed.

Failure to pay the fine can lead to additional imprisonment of up to three years.

This provision will be applicable in examinations conducted by the State Public Service Commission, Staff Selection Commission, competitive examinations conducted by recruitment agencies, examinations conducted by public undertakings of the State Government, and examinations conducted by corporations and bodies.

Agencies involved in the additional examination process, government employees leaking question papers or making public the information that violates the confidentiality of the examination.

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