Jharkhand police asks elderly to dial 100 incase of medical emergency

Ranchi: For the elderly people who are living alone due to the lockdown for them incase of any medical emergency they should dial at 100 as the Jharkhand Police will be providing them emergency medical aid.

On the initiative of Jharkhand DGP the police department from Wednesday 12pm onwards will provide emergency medical aid to the old people who are living alone in their homes. The police will not only take the elderly to the nearby medical centres and hospitals in need but will also bring medicines for them.

The police headquarters has issued instructions in this regard to the concerned SSPs and SPs to make necessary arrangements. The state police has urged the people who are living alone in lockdown that they can dial 100 in case of medical emergency and police will try its best to provide essential medical facilities to them. However, the facility will be only available until the period of lockdown.

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