Jharkhand man washed dishes to reach Indian Idol

Ranchi (IANS) Anything is possible if your intent is right and you have the resolve to fight till the end. Divas Nayak is one such person, who lived his dreams despite all odds. He became a star on Indian Idol, one of the prestigious singing competition shows in India.

Twenty two-year-old Divas Nayak left Dulma, a nondescript village in Jharkhand five years ago, to pursue his dreams, reaching Mumbai where he worked in a canteen washing dishes. He was selected for the Indian Idol talent show and reached the select group of the top 30 contestants. Though, he is out of the competition now, he became a sensation in his home state so much so that when he arrived at Ranchi Airport for a home visit, he was given a warm welcome by his admirers.

He told IANS: “One of the three judges in Indian Idols Neha Kakkar gave me Rs 1 lakh as an appreciation amount and asked me to travel by air.”

He said that during the time when he washed dishes in the canteen, he was told about the audition of Indian Idol by a friend. “I went for the audition and got selected,” Nayak said.

Now Nayak is a household name in his district Ramgarh. A sort of homecoming welcome was accorded to him from the airport to his village, where his admirers took selfies.

“It is because of the success in Indian Idol that I got a new job of attendant at Hinduja hospital in Mumbai,” Nayak told IANS.

“I will keep fighting till I become a famous singer,” said Nayak.

Nayak’s parents are very happy to see their son achieving success in the field of music.

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