Jharkhand has been made a political laboratory: Champai Soren

Ranchi:  In the special session of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, former Chief Minister Champai Soren said that both the ruling party and the opposition remained in power in Jharkhand.

“But why did the situation remain bad after Jharkhand became a separate state? In 2019, we formed the government with full majority. But this government kept facing crises one after another.Sometimes Corona and sometimes attempts were made to destabilize the government”.

“Meanwhile, I also became the Chief Minister for five months.  Three months have passed due to  the Lok Sabha elections. The political situation changed after the elections. Then Hemant Soren comes.  

We will all work together again”.

He said that after the formation of this state, such a political situation arose that the state became a political laboratory.

We have to move beyond this also.

Only then will the new direction and condition of this state change.

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