Jharkhand Congress in-charge instructed to translate the manifesto in all languages

Ranchi: Jharkhand Congress state in-charge Ghulam Ahmed Mir held a meeting with media, war room and social media officials on Sunday. The state in-charge took stock of the work of the media department and also gave guidelines. He said that the five justice 25 guarantees and the Congress manifesto should be made available to all sections of the society.

For this, translate the manifesto in all the languages spoken and written in Jharkhand. For wide publicity in various Lok Sabha constituencies during the elections, state level spokespersons should be appointed as in-charges at the district and Lok Sabha level.

So that we can establish coordination with the spokespersons at the district and Lok Sabha level. Mir said that the current election is very important. The role of the members of the media department is important during the elections, but the preparation before the elections rests only on the leaders associated with the media department.

In today’s era, the media is a powerful medium to convey our views to the public. Direct communication with the public happens through this medium. This is the reason that during the last decade, special representatives of the Modi government tried to capture the fourth pillar of democracy through various means, in every possible way, and in this they were successful to a great extent.

But Congress kept raising the voice of the common people and this is the reason that despite the best efforts of the Modi government, the media is putting our views before the public. State President Rajesh Thakur said that the electoral battlefield is ready. Every weapon is used to win the war, but in a democracy, the media is the best and most powerful weapon to convey the voice of the people to the government.

There can be no better medium than the way we can convey our views, Congress’ manifesto and five justice 25 guarantees to the public through the media. It is important that in this fight to save the Constitution, we take the support of the fourth pillar of democracy in the best possible way. Not only the public but every pillar of democracy is upset and angry with the actions of the Modi government and perhaps this is the reason why the BJP is doubtful about the results of the upcoming elections.

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