Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) Board Exams are not to be taken in OMR Sheet

Ranchi: Jharkhand Academic Council decided to change the pattern of Matriculation and Inter examinations which are going to start in Jharkhand from 16th February.

This decision has been taken in the board meeting of Jharkhand Academic Council.

According to this change, now OMR sheets will not be included in the board examinations.

Now there will be only pen-paper based board examination.

In the board examination to be held in the year 2024, there will be written examination of 50 marks, objective examination of 30 marks and practical of 20 marks.

In the decision taken after the board meeting, it has been said that during the examination, the candidates will get only one question paper, which will have objective and subjective questions.

Candidates will have to answer both the questions in the same answer sheet.

There has also been a change in the marks of objective and subjective questions.

This change will come into effect from the year 2024 itself.

Apart from this, some more changes will be seen from the year 2025.

Under this, from 2025, objective questions will be 20 percent, subjective 60 percent and practical and internal assessment will be 20 percent.

Matriculation and Intermediate examinations will be held from 6th February.

The examination will be held in two shifts.

Starting from 6th February, the examination will continue till 26th February.

According to the prescribed schedule, matriculation examination will be conducted in the first shift and intermediate examination in the second shift.

The examination will be conducted in both OMR and answer sheets.

There will be an internal assessment of 20 marks in subjects in which there is no practical examination.

The results of both matriculation and intermediate examinations can be released by June 15.

6 February: IIT and other vocational subjects

7 February: Commerce and Home Science

8 February: Kharia, Khortha, Kurmali, Nagpuri and Panchpargania

9 February: Arabic, Persian, Ho, Mundari, Santhali and Oraon

10 February: Urdu, Bengali and Oriya

12 February: Social Science

13 February: Music

16 February: Mathematics

19 February: Hindi A and Hindi B

21 February: Science

23 February: Sanskrit

26 February: English

6 February: Vocational Subject

7 February: Hindi A, Hindi B, Mother Tongue, English A (for Arts)

8 February: Hindi A, Hindi B, Mother Tongue, English A (for Science and Commerce)

9 February: Elective Language for Arts] Additional Language for Science and Commerce

10 February: Economics for Commerce and Science] Anthropology for Arts

12 February: Geography for Arts, Computer Science for Science and Commerce

13 February: History

16 February: Physics for Science, Accountancy for Commerce

17 February: Economics for Arts

19 February: Biology for Science, Business Mathematics for Commerce, Sociology for Arts

20 February: Geology for Science, Business Studies for Commerce, Psychology for Arts

21 February: Mathematics and Statistics

22 February: Philosophy for Arts

23 February: Chemistry, Entrepreneurship and Home Science

26 February: Political Science

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