Jal Diwali to be celebrated in 31 municipal bodies of Jharkhand, SHG women will be introduced to the water supply system

Ranchi:  Jal Diwali will be celebrated in 31 municipal bodies of Jharkhand between 7th and 9th November.

Regarding this, the Urban Development and Housing Department has written a letter to all the municipal bodies and instructed them to make this program successful.

Under the program “Water for Women and Women for Water”, women of self-help groups will be taken on a tour to the nearest water treatment plant and they will be provided information about various processes of water purification.

Information about the process from water purification to water supply will also be given.

Along with this, the objective of this program is also to make people aware about the quality of water supplied and the work being done for its quality.

The government wants to develop a sense of ownership among women regarding pure drinking water and drinking water supply.

All municipal bodies have been directed to establish a tie-up with NULM and take the self-help group women to the nearest water treatment plant and educate them about the water source, its research, the additional substances found in it during research and then water supply and water supply.

Create awareness about the infrastructure required for.

For this programme, the municipal body will arrange transport to take the women to the water treatment plant.

Along with this, the municipal body will also make arrangements for a handbag, steel water bottle, refreshments, posters, badges etc. for the women.

A list of 31 water treatment plants has been released by the state government for the program.

Where Jal Diwali will be celebrated from 7th to 9th November.

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