Iulia Vantur trained under ‘Mission Impossible’ stunt director for latest single

Mumbai (IANS) Singer-actress Iulia Vantur is back with her new retro single, the redone version of the iconic song ‘Raat Baki’.

In the music video, one can see her engaging in a thrilling action sequence. Vantur, who is fond of the action genre, defines herself as an ‘action girl’ and is quite chuffed with her action sequence in the latest song.

When the actress was on a tour to the US with Mika Singh, she took time out of her busy schedule to train for the action sequence for the music video. She took specialised training from Daniel Loccicero, who has been the stunt director for Hollywood films like ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Seal Team’.

Talking about preparing for the action sequence for the music video, Iulia said, “It was definitely an exciting experience for me to train for an action sequence because I love action. I’m an action girl! I was training with none other than Daniel Loccicero, so I had to do it right. But he made it feel so natural and fun! I had trained with him before for an action movie in the UK for a few days because the schedule was tight. Even when I felt like I couldn’t go any further, he made me push my limits.”

She added, “It was genuinely a fulfilling experience. I love to shoot action sequences and I’m happy that we could showcase it in the ‘Raat Baki’ music video in an impromptu shoot in Los Angeles and then in Mumbai. I hope I’ll get the chance to shoot for an action movie in the future.”

Daniel Loccicero said, “I had the pleasure to action-direct the music video of Iulia Vantur, ‘Raat Baki’. I had the honour of working with Iulia back in 2019 in the UK. I enjoyed working with her and told her that when she comes to Los Angeles, we have to do another project together.

“Two months later when she was in LA, we decided to do a fight scene for ‘Raat Baki’. Since Iulia had limited time in Los Angeles, I brought my team together and we shot all of the fight scenes of the music video in about six hours. It was a pleasure to work with Iulia and I hope for more projects in the near future with her.”

‘Raat Baki’, presented by Saregama Music, has been directed by Haider Khan with music by Sajid Khan. The song is available for streaming on Saregama Music’s YouTube channel.

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