It’s been a back to school during the pandemic, for all age groups

New Delhi (IANSlife) While traditional channels of education are disrupted due to the pandemic, those in pursuit of knowledge have discovered a big fountain of knowledge — E-learning. Online learning modules have emerged as a strong substitute for coaching classes as students study from their homes.

The uncertainty surrounding the reopening of educational institutes has led to a huge reliance on e-learning and study materials. It has also led to a massive increase in shoppers opting for upskilling and reskilling courses.

Snapdeal which now offers e-learning courses noted that coding emerged as the highest searched course on the platform in the last three months. It comprised 70 percent of all searches on online courses.

The shoppers are generally new learners of coding. Two in three coding course shoppers bought basic coding courses. Basic courses in game development, UI/UX design, database management, chatbot creation, space tech, biotech, automobile, python programming, data processing and visualization, and machine learning were most picked. The majority of users searching and buying coding courses are from the non-metro market.

Entrance exam test prep material for engineering and medical courses are having the highest order volume. There has been a rapid growth in the sale of study materials for classes 5-12 across all boards during the pandemic.

Language learning courses of German, Spanish, and French also remain popular.

There has also been an increase in the online buying of books and other study materials. Overall, the sales of study-related items and courses soared 3 times since May ’20. Convenience, safety, and curiosity of shoppers are driving the sale of courses on Snapdeal.

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