IT Raid is Politically motivated, agency got only Rs1.45 lakh from Ranchi and Bermo residences: Anup Singh

Ranchi: Congress MLA from Bermo Anup Singh spoke to the media on Sunday after the IT raid and openly expressed his views. He clearly said that the income tax raid at his Ranchi, Bermo and Patna residences is motivated by politics. He also clarified that the things that came out during the raid that my daily earning is one crore rupees is also completely baseless.

He said that during the raid IT got only one lakh 45 thousand rupees from my Ranchi and Bermo residence and he was saying this not from his mind but on the basis of the documents which IT has given to him. The income tax team has got Rs 91 thousand 400 from Ranchi and Rs 54 thousand from Bermo.

He said that the raid was over the day before yesterday (Friday) but the IT officials remained frozen at his house. He said that the officials said they cannot go till the order comes from above. For 38 hours the IT raid happened at my house and raid was done through the caretaker in Patna. In the document given by IT officer Manish Kumar he got a register moreover the house is in my mother’s name.

The register contains information about the rent of that house. From there IT got only 600 rupees the MLA claimed. Detailing further he said that the second raid took place at Dhori residence which belongs to CCL from where the agency found his mother’s jewel, which was valued at Rs 11 lakh 75 thousand 300 and got six bank accounts. 

There is another locker in my mother’s SBI Doranda branch and a central bank locker whose keys have been given by my mother to the investigating officers. The third raid took place at my official residence in Ranchi. Got two punch of blue seats here. One was related to rigging in Jharkhand Academic Council and one was a paper for selling a property of a friend of mine.

The Congress MLA said that the agency also took away the mobile back up his kids,  wife, brother and his own mobile and took the details of Axis Bank while his wife also gave away the key to the locker. Further, he said that the team inquired about the land which he had shown in the affidavit at the time of nomination.

Moreover, they also got six passports from his house while gold worth Rs 9 lakh 92 thousand and silver worth Rs 96 thousand have been found in Ranchi.

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