Ishita Dutta poses for 2021 quarantine calendar shoot

Mumbai (IANS) Actress Ishita Dutta is very excited about her recent quarantine calendar shoot, in which she poses in heels on a Yoga mat and flaunts a fit avatar.

Lensman Tanmay Mainkar captured the shot, and Ishita said about the experience: “It was really great working with Tanmay and his entire time. In fact I remember I met him last year on the sets of my show and we were planning something, and somehow it did not work out. So this year when he messaged me and we spoke, I was pretty excited. Even if we talk about concepts, it’s super cool and interesting. Also, Tanmay really knows what he wants and I think even during the shoot I was telling him it is great to work with someone who has so much clarity. It helps the actor a lot. It was great team work.”

The admiration is mutual. “She is a very experimental person who was very interested in trying some different hair and make-up, and that made work more fun and creative,” Tanmay said about Ishita.

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