Instructions given to complete training on time for upgradation of skills of MNREGA workers

Ranchi: MNREGA Commissioner Mrs. Rajeshwari B held a meeting with the officials regarding the successful implementation of the Unnati Project run under MNREGA, to complete the training of MNREGA workers on time and to provide direct benefits to the villagers.

Under the ‘Unnati’ project of the Ministry of Rural Development, skill development of MNREGA workers up to the age of maximum 45 years is being done, so that they can get a permanent source of income. Under this project, skill upgradation training of  422 MNREGA workers has been completed so far in the state. 

Adding some new links to these efforts, now this financial year under MNREGA in the state, 200 workers will be given skill development training to the families working under MNREGA under the Unnati Project, so that many employment options open up for the rural families. They can become self-reliant. Many MNREGA schemes are operational in the state, the benefits of which are being effectively extended to rural families at the departmental level.

MNREGA Commissioner, while discussing point by point the work being done under the Unnati Project, directed all the officials to achieve progress as per the target.

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