Inland Green Energy to produce ethanol in Jharkhand, 5,000 people to get employment – Satyanand Bhokata

Ranchi: In the presence of Minister Satyanand Bhokata, an MoU was signed with the Government and Inland Green Energy Company under the Industries Department at Jharkhand Mantralaya Project Bhawan. Under this, the  Inland Green Energy Company will produce ethanol.

During the said MoU program, Satyanand Bhokata said that our government is making an agreement for setting up ethanol plants. There is a proposal to set up plants at 5 places in the entire state, in which the first plant will start producing ethanol from September 2024.

Minister Satyanand Bhokata said that with the installation of all the plants, about five thousand people will get direct employment in the state. Ethanol is a form of green energy. Its use will reduce carbon emissions. It will be used by mixing it with petroleum fuel. Farmers of the state will get direct benefits from this.

The state government is very serious about the industries department. The government is inviting many big companies to set up new industries in the state. An environment for industrial development is being created in the state. Satyanand Bhokta said that the closed industries will be restarted soon.

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