Indians face challenges in finding jobs after studying abroad

New Delhi (IANS) Despite the potential advantages of studying abroad, many Indian students face difficulties finding employment after returning home, according to a study by a Canada-based education firm.

Among several challenges faced by returning students are the need for recognition of foreign degrees, visa restrictions, language barriers, and a lack of local connections and networks, says M Square Media (MSM).

According to the latest Education Ministry data, more than 770,000 Indian students went abroad to study in 2022 — a six-year high.

This is despite a report by the Indian government that only 22 per cent of Indian students who studied abroad between 2015 and 2019 were able to secure employment upon returning home.

According to the study, one of the primary issues faced by Indian students is the lack of recognition of their foreign degrees and diplomas in the job market.

Local employers often prefer local qualifications and experience, putting foreign-educated students at a disadvantage.

In addition to this, the Covid-19 pandemic in the previous years has had a significant impact on job prospects for returning students.

Many businesses have faced financial challenges and have reduced their hiring, while others have increased their preference for local candidates due to travel restrictions and health concerns.

“Studying abroad can be a transformative experience for students, but they must be aware of the potential challenges they may face when returning home,” Sanjay Laul, CEO and Founder of MSM, said.

To overcome these challenges, experts recommend that students take a proactive approach to building their careers while studying abroad.

“This may involve seeking out internships and part-time jobs, networking with local professionals, and improving their language and cultural skills,” said the British Columbia-based firm that has helped 135,000 students with recruitment since 2012.

A recent survey by INTO University Partnerships said that almost eight in 10 Indian students go through a study abroad plan to work and settle overseas after completing their international degree.

According to data provided by the government in the parliament, most Indian students prefer Canada, the US and the UK to pursue degree courses.

These countries, including Australia, together accounted for 75 per cent of those who went abroad for education in 2022 — up from 60 per cent in 2018, the data said.

With 226,450 students, India became the top source of new international students entering Canada in 2022, according to data released by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada this month.

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