India moving towards becoming carbon neutral: Rai

Ranchi: Secretary of the National Bureau of Energy Efficiency Rakesh Kumar Rai on Saturday said that India is now moving towards becoming carbon neutral. Addressing a stakeholders workshop organized by JREDA he said that the goal will be achieved soon therefore in such a situation, it is necessary to emphasize conservation along with energy efficiency and for this the Energy Efficiency Program has been started.

He said that for this purpose six zones have been created across the country and Jharkhand is also a part of it. Adding further he said that the consumption of energy in the country is increasing therefore in such a situation, it is necessary that steps should be taken toward energy conservation. He said that every individual should contribute to energy conservation.

Addressing the stakeholders, JREDA Director KK Verma said that at present more emphasis is being laid on energy conservation. About Rs, 400 crores is being spent on buying electricity in the state, while the collection of revenue in the name of the electricity bill is decreasing significantly.

He said that the department buys and distributes the energy, but it has to face many problems in recovering the revenue therefore in such a situation, it is necessary that energy conservation should be promoted from domestic to industrial sectors. KK Verma said that in the field of energy, the state government has given consent to the ECDC code. The State Empower Committee has also agreed to the idea of agency PWC.

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