Indeep Bakshi, Ashnoor Kaur release new track ‘Ignore’

Mumbai (IANS) Singer Indeep Bakshi, who is also a well-known rapper, released his new track “Ignore” on Monday. The song has been sung by Ayush Talniya and has Indeep performing the rap portions, besides featuring in it. The music video also features actress Ashnoor Kaur.

“This song came my way when I was shooting for my track ‘Yaara’ with Ashnoor, which released recently. Usually, I write and make my own songs. But this track was ready when it came to me. I was requested to add rap to it and feature in it. Ashnoor also agreed to do it immediately. I always do commercial, uptempo songs and I’m not really into slow tracks, but this one is really soothing and has a young vibe to it. I loved being part of it. It’s a fun-loving track about how the equation between a couple changes over time,” said Indeep.

On why she took on the project, Ashnoor said: “When I was approached for the track and I heard the details, it excited me. It’s a fun and peppy track, which every couple would relate to. In these tough Covid times, I feel it comes as a break and people will enjoy it because of how energetic it is. I had a great time shooting it.”

Indeep says the song was made a few months ago, but it couldn’t be released because of the pandemic restrictions. He dubbed it in a day and the entire process took about a week.

Ashnoor also had a great experience being part of the track. “We shot for the track in Chandigarh. Indeep is a hard working, humble and grounded person. We had a great time at the shoot,” she says.

For Indeep, collaborating with Ashnoor was a good experience, too. “She is a great artiste. I’ve worked with various artists since 2012 but what’s special about Ashnoor is that she’s very dedicated. Whenever we shoot for a music video, she has full knowledge about the camera, lenses, angles, etc. It feels great when you work with someone as professional and mature as her.”

Interestingly, with the aim of promoting hip-hop music, Indeep along with Funk Music wish to release at least 10 singles this year, four of which have already been shot and are ready for release.

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