‘In our family, we age backwards,’ says SRK after getting Gauri’s age wrong

Mumbai (IANS) Entrepreneur Gauri Khan corrected her superstar husband Shah Rukh Khan after he got her age wrong about when she started working.

Shah Rukh and Gauri were speaking at the launch event of her coffee table book ‘My Life in Design’.

SRK then spoke about about how his wife Gauri started her work on her own. He shared that even though he offered to her help her, she denied taking any.

Shah Rukh said: “It doesn’t make a difference to all the youngsters, to all the people who miss out on a dream of their life to be creative. You can start at any age. I think Gauri started mid-40s.”

Shah Rukh then looked at Gauri, who corrected him saying that she started working at the age of 40.

Flaunting his iconic smile, Shah Rukh then said: “40? Oh, only 40. She is 37 now. In our family, we age backwards. So yes, at 40 she started doing this at a time when I even told her, ‘Listen, should I be helpful? I have some friends we can talk to them?’ She said, ‘No’.”

“She started with a 10 feet by 20 feet shop in Lower Parel. She worked it all out on her own and continued doing what she does.”

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