Improve your daily disposition with fragrances!

New Delhi (IANSlife) It is no secret that stress levels are at an all-time high. Habits have transformed and life as we knew it, changed right in front of our eyes. A tangible psychological impact of going through this very tiring phase has manifested in different ways. Stress, anxiety and a nagging worry have been constant companions.

If there is one strong lesson to be learnt during these times — it is your relationship with yourself and how important it is to love and pamper yourself to survive oddities. When external factors fail to delight, your need to depend on yourself to create a happy, positive environment, becomes significant. Looking and feeling good just for yourself, has gradually taken precedence overlooking and feeling good either to impress or to socialize. One of the sure-shot ways to improve your daily disposition is through fragrances!

Fragrances are highly potent in affecting various domains of human psychological functioning, ranging from perception and mood to cognitive processes and behaviour. Olfactory bulbs are a part of the limbic system and directly connect to our mood responses. Multiple researchers and fragrance experts have concluded in the past that scents can be used to transform our surroundings as well as our mindset — with certain smells helping to relax us, while others giving our spirits a much-needed boost.

ITC Engage shares ways to use fragrances and tips for how to best incorporate them into your daily ‘Feel Good’ routine:

If you’re struggling to keep up an upbeat attitude, adding bright citrus scents or colognes can work wonders. There is no denying that working from home has been physically and mentally exhausting for most of us as everyone is trying to strike a balance between working-at-home and working-from-home. If you’re feeling low while sitting through the endless Zoom calls, wearing perfume can help you energize and refresh. Spraying on stimulating fragrances, especially with citrus notes like lemon, orange bergamot, and fresh-picked mint like the newly launched Engage L’Amante Perfume can further enhance alertness and promote concentration as well.

Missing your ordinary life and longing for normalcy? A scent can be nostalgic and make you remember people, places, and things that you can’t interact with at the moment. Even if you are just at home, why not use the perfume you wear at work or during a night out with friends?

Aiana Jain the beauty and lifestyle influencer says, “Fragrances are a part of most Indian households. From the attar my mom used, to the strong fragrance of spices and plants at home – this fascination turned into a passion for fragrances from all over. Despite that, we are stationed at our homes, using a fragrance remains the high point of my day and my daily dressing ritual. Not only does it uplift my mood instantly but also serve the purpose of being nimble stress busters. Using floral and fruity scents can give me a high whereas using lingering, an elegant fragrance with vanilla and tonka beans bring out a sense of being well-groomed post a shower. I realized beside adding an extra oomph to my personality, fragrances can innately bust stress too.”

“Scents and a sense of relaxation are closely connected for me. Scents can have positive effects on our mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and emotional performance as well. Our olfactory response is directly linked to the emotional centre of our brain, causing a flood of feelings with every spritz. After experimenting much with different brands and notes, I have finally discovered Engage L’Amante Perfume, a fragrance that compliments my natural scent and enhances my confidence.” said Jainam Vora aka Vorasahab the lifestyle influencer.

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