Illegal prostitution racket in Jamshedpur: Late night raid in hotel, 41 young men and women arrested

Jamshedpur: Police have arrested 41 young men and women during a raid in a hotel in Jamshedpur. Police had received information that illegal prostitution business was going on in this hotel. After which the police raided.

The police conducted this raid late Thursday night. Many young men and women were caught in this. Police also found many objectionable items in the raid. Several times information was received about prostitution taking place in the hotel located in Ambagan, Sakchi.

The police conducted raids based on this information. The surprise raid on the hotel was conducted under the leadership of the magistrate. This action created chaos in the hotel. 

Police officers have arrested many young men and women on the spot. After this raid, young men and women have been interrogated, information is being obtained about who all are involved in this business. After the raid, Magistrate Sumit Kumar said that the City SP had received secret information.

A total of 41 young men and women have been arrested in the raid. All this information is being collected along with the inquiry. The hotel owner has also been questioned.

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