If traffic rules are broken in Ranchi, the challan will reach soon, 50,000 people did not wear helmets in a month

Ranchi:  The CCTV installed at the square intersections is keeping an eye on People who violate rules.

If you have also broken the rules within a month, then be ready, it is possible that the challan is about to reach you.

Violators of traffic rules are being monitored with the help of high quality CCTV cameras, smart challans have been started by extracting the owner’s details from the vehicle number.

In a month, more than 50 thousand such people have come under the radar who were riding bikes without wearing helmets.

E-invoice is being sent based on the data.

It is not that only people without helmets have been recognized in this, even if you have driven more than the fixed speed, the challan can reach your home.

In five days, more than 1500 such people have been identified whose vehicle speed was more than the fixed speed limit.

If you break the rules at any square intersection, jump a red light or break any kind of rule, now the challan will be deducted immediately.

There are 70 such areas in the city where the traffic police is keeping an eye.

The help of more than 1000 devices is being taken for surveillance.

RLVD cameras, ANPR cameras and SVD cameras are being used under the Intelligent Transit Management System (ITMS).

There is only one way to avoid all this, in the city you have to follow the rules.

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