How to wear a crop top in 6 different styles

New Delhi (IANSlife) Crop tops are the trendsetters for the season because of their snug and voguish styles ruling the fashion market today. Women can try out this apparel in all styles for redefined comfort and style. Shivam Soni, CEO & Founder of Beyoung Folks Private Limited, suggests some ideas for rocking crop tops:

A Classy Makeover:

However cool and chic a woman may be, sometimes it is all about class. With minimalist approach yet overload of fashion, a crop top can be a classic attire to picm. Simply wear a bold coloured crop top say red, yellow or black with a palazzo and a stole if you like to carry.

For That Badass Look:

The first thought coming into mind while wearing a crop top is the party at night. So, you go girl! Wear a crop top with a tight skirt or shorts, let your hair loose with smokey eye makeup. This is how you end up fashionably slaying the party. Also, if you feel like it, then you can also put on a leather jacket.

For A Funky Comfy Addition:

A crop top is not just about fashion, but it is also about the level of comfort for a woman as she can feel airy and breezy, which is hard to come by in tight tank tops. Considering this, you can wear a crop top with pleated skirt for a style statement. Walk on the floor like Rachel Green with a bun and fashion fun for getting compliments.

With Formals:

Your crop top can also be your accomplice for formals, if only you know how to wear it right. For instance, wear a pencil skirt with a plain crop top and button a blazer on it. it can be a quick and easy solution for getting the formal look effortlessly.

With Traditional:

A plain crop top with a long skirt and a stole. This is how you can go out in the indo-ethnic appeal which is sure to be like no one else. And a jhumka is a must to get your perfect party look without any extravagant doings. Just pure fashion and pure tradition.

When Out Of Stock:

When you are unsure about to wear, whether it is for a party or just an evening walk, then comfort is what you must choose. The perfect synonym of comfort is crop tops for being both fine and cozy. There are certainly with options of printed as well as plain crop tops.

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