How EVM strong-rooms are secured as per the Election Commision

New Delhi (IANS) The Election Commission on Wednesday asserted that the transport and storage of the EVMs are well secured, dismissing the doubts raised by the Opposition over movement and alleged replacement and manipulation of these machines.

In the past two days, video clips have gone viral, purportedly showing “unauthorised” transportation of the EVMs at various places.

The Election Commission said the entire process of polling and subsequent storage of EVMs in strong-rooms is fool-proof.

As per its guidelines, the EVMs are transported back to the reception centres under proper escort by a contingent of central paramilitary forces and state police.

The complete set of Control Units (CU), Ballot Units (BU) and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) of a particular polling station are supposed to be kept in the same strong room.

The room is sealed under double lock in the presence of the candidates or their agents and the observer.

Unused VVPATs and unused EVMs are stored in a separate strong room.

The EC said video and digital photography with date and time recording should be done during transport and storage of EVMs.

The CPF with a minimum strength of one platoon is responsible for guarding the strong room where the polled EVMs are stored and kept till the day of counting.

There is no need to air condition the strong room and it is to be kept it free from dust, dampness, and rodents as in the case of ballot boxes.

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