Hitesh Bharadwaj, Akshita Mudgal visit Siddhivinayak temple to seek blessings for ‘Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain’

Mumbai (IANS) Actors Hitesh Bharadwaj and Akshita Mudgal went to the Siddhivinayak Temple early this morning prior to their shoot and sought the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Akshita revealed: “Ever since I started working, I used to visit Siddhivinayak temple very often and I feel whatever you ask from Ganpati ji’s Mushak is always fulfilled. After the launch of ‘Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain’, I really wanted to visit Shri Siddhivinayak ji and get his blessings. It is something I generally do, whenever I start something new.”

“My co-star Hitesh also joined in, and we have started this new journey with the blessings of Ganpati Bappa, which makes me feel good. I must add that I am very excited and proud to be playing the role of Paragi and hope everyone keeps showering us with their love and blessings,” she added.

Hitesh further shared his experience of visiting the temple and said: “Siddhivinayak is one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited, and it is a place I always visit whenever my show goes on-air. For our show, we went there early in the morning, and I have to say it was a magical experience. I just said a thank you to Bappa for everything and I feel very blessed.”

While Paragi and Sanjay are working towards becoming IAS officers, it will be interesting to see what happens after Paragi clears her exam with flying colors and Sanjay doesn’t.

‘Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain’ airs on Zee TV.

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