Hindu devotees take a dip of devotion in Swarnarekha River on Kartik Purnima

Ranchi: On Kartik Purnima, a large number of Hindu devotees took bath, meditated and did charity in Ranchi on Monday. There was a steady stream of devotees at Swarnarekha Ghat since early morning. Hindu Devotees took a dip of devotion in the river of devotion.

In the Ikkiso Dham temple situated at Kachchi Ghat of the river, Chutiya, he performed puja and charity with the wish of health and desired results. There was a steady stream of devotees for Jalabhishek puja in Sureshwar Mahadev temple also. While special arrangements for worship were made by the temple committee, Bhandara was also organized by Daridranarayan Bhoj Samiti and Srikanyakubj Swarnakar Panchayat.

Hundreds of devotees along with thousands of Daridranarayan received God’s Prasad. MLA CP Singh also played an Important role in the program. By offering prayers in the temple, he prayed for the prosperity of the state.

On Kartik Purnima, a feast has been organized continuously since 1939 by the Daridranarayan Bhojan Samiti on the banks of Swarnarekha River. In this, people of Chutiya area provide food items as per their convenience. Through which Prasad is arranged.

The tradition of eating Ketari on Kartik Purnima has been going on for years. A lot of sugarcane was sold near Ikkiso Dham and Sureshwar Mahadev Temple. Thin 10 rupees and thick 20 rupees were sold in Dang Ketari. Devotees enjoyed the fair organized on the banks of the Swarnarekha River. There was a lot of fun, from food and drinks, games, toys and various types of swings. 

Dozens of temporary shops selling puja material, traditional utensils, and decorations kept attracting everyone. An amazing sight of Ganga Aarti was also seen on the banks of river Swarnarekha on Ikisso Mahadev Dham on Monday evening. Here, in the interest of protecting water resources and the environment, Piyush Kumar along with his colleagues performed the Aarti of Mother Ganga on the lines of Banaras.

A large number of devotees along with officials and members of the fair organizing committee and service camp committees also participated in it. After performing the Aarti, they took a pledge to conserve water resources and the environment.

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