Hindi Language users are ‘Feeling the Love’

New Delhi (IANSlife) Since language is a representation of common human experiences, it instantaneously binds individuals together emotionally. ShareChat offers information and community access to Indians in 15 regional languages in order to strengthen this bond even in the social media sphere. Due to widespread availability of smartphones and fast internet, local content producers have begun to take over the Indian content market. The language-first strategy is enabling the Bharat audience to produce content, build communities, and consume interest-related information in their favourite language, greatly enhancing and engaging their social media experience.

With 52.8 crore speakers, or 43.6 per cent of the population, utilising Hindi as their primary language of communication, it is the most widely spoken language in the nation. To keep its essence even in the digital realm, thousands of individuals now select Hindi as their favourite language when using social media. The App serves nearly 45 million users of the Hindi language each month, with Delhi NCR, Lucknow, and Jaipur topping the list. Here are some fascinating findings from its review of the consumption habits of the Hindi-speaking audience in 2022.

‘Romance and Relationship’ is the most loved content genre among the Hindi-speaking audience on the platform, followed by Music and Devotion.

Love, Romance and Relationship

With over 80 billion views in 2022, romance and relationships turned out to be the most viewed category in the Hindi language at 43 per cent of the overall Hindi users. More than 3 lakh creators created over 39 lakh content pieces from cities such as Delhi NCR, Lucknow, and Jaipur. @diwani007, has garnered a total of over 1.9 billion views for all their posts on the platform in 2022, making them the topmost creator in the romance and relationship category in the Hindi Language.

Music & Dance

As music and dance unite people from different cultures and backgrounds, the category garnered over 44 billion views with 20 per cent of the Hindi users. The music category captured audiences the most, with creators from Delhi, Lucknow, and Jaipur. Over 32K creators from these cities created over 1.1 lakh content pieces in the category each month, with @amir_ali_write_ single-handedly garnering over 280 Million views and being crowned as the top creator in the genre.


The third most loved category among Hindi consumers was devotion. More than 15 per cent of the Hindi language users on the platform follow the category. The Hindi content related to devotional songs, places of worship, festivals, and spirituality garnered over 70 billion views on the platform. More than 1.8 lakh creators posted over 18 lakh content pieces from top regions including Delhi, Lucknow, and Jaipur. @kanha_ki_paglii ended the year as the leading creator in the category, with over 570 Million views on the content created by them throughout the year.

Humour and Fun

Laughter is the best medicine, and the Hindi audience on platform is ruling this category with 8.8 per cent actively enjoying the content in Hindi. With more than 40 billion views, comedy content garnered love from users across the country. Cities such as Delhi, Lucknow, and Jaipur saw 1.2 lakh creators who uploaded close to 10 lakh content pieces in the category, with Pankaj Khanna topping the creator chart, with over 2 billion views on their content.

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