Hemant takes dig at centre says ‘you’ can buy constitutional institutions but not support of people

Ranchi: Taking a dig at the Centre Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that ‘you’ can buy constitutional institutions but not the support of the people.

“This affection of thousands of our hardworking policemen of Jharkhand and the support of the people here is my strength,” Soren said in a tweet after hundreds of policemen under the banner of Jharkhand Police Men’s Association thanked Chief Minister Hemant Soren for implementing compensatory leave.

Speaking to reporters outside his residence, Soren said, “There is a smile on the face of every police personnel across the state. Holi-like celebrations are being witnessed on the streets of Ranchi. It has always been our government’s effort to motivate each and every employee of the state to work fearless and play their role in giving direction to Ranchi. Our police force is contributing in large numbers, whether they are posted in the city, jungles, or Naxalite area. The endeavours of our government will continue and I wish for their better future”.

Earlier in the day as reports started doing rounds that the ECI had recommended for his disqualification in the office of profit case the CMO in a statement said that the Chief Minister is apprised of several media reports about ECI sending a report to hon’ble Governor -Jharkhand ‘apparently recommending his disqualification as a MLA’. “No communication in this regard has been received by CMO from either ECI or Governor. “ 

The Chief Minister has stated the following – ‘It apparently seems that BJP leaders including a BJP MP and his puppet journalists have themselves drafted the ECI report, which is otherwise a sealed cover report. This blatant misuse of constitutional authorities and public agencies and its complete takeover by BJP HQ in Deendayal Upadhyay Marg in this shameful manner is unseen in Indian Democracy.’

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