Hemant says BJP leaders involved in casteist struggle

Ranchi: Leader of Opposition and JMM’s acting president Hemant Soren fired fresh salvos at the BJP claiming the senior leaders of the party and the cabinet ministers of Raghubar Das government were fighting among themselves.

“A casteist struggle is on in the BJP…the cabinet ministers speak much in the press but not in the cabinet or in the assembly,” he said adding that to remain in power the BJP has divided the entire state on the lines of caste and religion. He said that the Chief Minister and Urban Development Minister are both involved in Harmu river beautification project scam and blanket scam and on the other hand another intellectual minister is responsible for hunger deaths in the state.

Mr Soren said that someone looted the government exchequer while some others ensured the death of poor due to hunger and said that hunger deaths were equivalent to murder, therefore, murder case should be registered from the minister to the DCs and said that his government will frame a law to fix responsibility for hunger deaths.

He said that as part of the casteist struggle in the BJP one cabinet minister has jumped to the defense of other cabinet minister who comes from the same caste, while an MP who has the same caste as that of the Chief Minister is blaming the urban development minister for mess in Ranchi and in days to come the struggle will further intensify.

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