Hemant attacks Raghubar Govt, says BJP wanted to scrap CNT- SPT Acts

Bokaro: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren attacked the previous government led by Raghubar Das and alleged that the BJP wanted to scrap the CNT and SPT Acts.

Addressing a public meeting in Jaridih block while campaigning for Congress candidate Jaimangal Singh for Bermo bypolls he said that his party had had strongly objected to the acts of the BJP due to which both the acts were saved.

The Chief Minister who spoke for the majority part in Santhali language said that the previous BJP government had taken only anti-people decisions as part of which ration cards of more than 11 lakh people were taken away. He said that after 15-20 days the government would start Saree-Dhoti Yojana tender for which has been finalised.

The Chief Minister said that amid the Coronavirus crisis his government had worked day and night for the people and did not allow a single hunger death while under Raghubar Das more than two dozen people had died for the want of rice in their homes.

He said that the previous government could not declare any JPSC result which was declared under his government. Further, he said that over the issue of high school teachers the SC would be approached.

Attacking the Centre he said that the entire country is fed up with Modi rule as items of daily use have become very costly as the government has no control over the prices due to which onion was being sold at Rs 80 per kilogram while Potatoes were being sold at Rs 50 per kilogram.

He said that for the first after the creation of the state any government has been formed which has the support of 50 MLAs therefore BJP can only mislead the people and it can not threaten the government.

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