Health Minister gives consent to Medical Protection Act with changes

Ranchi: Health Minister Banna Gupta has given his approval to the Jharkhand Medical Protection Act (Bill).

In the Monsoon session it will be tabled in the Vidhansabha and after being passed in the assembly it will become a law. The Medical Protection Act was given the cabinet not on May 9, 2017.

Later it was called back from the Vidhansabha Secretariat. After it was sent to the select committee provisions of punishment were reduced and henceforth man handling with healthcare workers and damaging the property of the hospital will not come under non bailable offence. Further provision has been also made that before arrest of the accused a notice will be served and without listening his side of arguments arrest will not be made.

Further, the select committee has also been directed to remove the word double and now the culprit if proven guilty will have to make compensation for the damage caused to the property. On the other hand, after proven guilty the punishment of three years has been reduced to 18 months but fine of Rs 50,000 will be imposed.

The Health Minister said that he has given his consent on the bill and has asked the officials to present the bill in the Vidhansabha. After the passage in Vidhansabha it will be implemented in the state. The minister said that the department has studied the medical protection act of four states before formulating the same in Jharkhand.


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