Health Department writes to DCs to keep stock of Covaxin for second dose

Ranchi: The state is once again facing scarcity of Corona vaccine especially that of Covaxin due to which the health department has instructed all the DCs to keep the stock of the vaccine.

In its order, the Health Department has asked the DCs to keep the stock of Covaxin for the second dose and then only the remaining vaccines should be given to people coming up for the first dose.

The people in the age group 18 plus category are most impacted by this crisis as at present there are just 1,46,080 doses of vaccine out of which Covaxin was just 17,860 while 1,28,220 was Covishield.

On the other hand, for the 45 plus category 7,64,230 doses are available out of which 2,68,880 doses of Covaxin was available. So far in the state 38,13,693 people have been given first dose of the vaccine while 7,46,048 people have received both the doses of vaccine while in 18 plus category first dose has been given to 7,45,549 youths.

The state government, on one hand, is talking about the lack of vaccines in 18 plus category but in the flip side despite the availability of the vaccines for 45 plus category the target of vaccination is not being achieved. The state government had started intensive massive drive for the weekends and had set a target to provide vaccines to 4.50 lakh people but despite best efforts vaccines could be only given to 2,47,583 people.

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