HC directs construction company to complete RIMS construction by January 31

Ranchi: The bench of High Court Chief Justice Sanjay Kumar Mishra and Justice Anand Sen has accepted the petition of Vijeta Construction and rejected the order of the Building Corporation.

A tender was received to build a boys hostel of 500 rooms and a girls hostel of 500 rooms in the RIMS campus. Whose construction was delayed. Due to non-completion of the work, the deposit amount was confiscated while ending the tender. Against which a petition was filed in the High Court saying that the work has almost been completed and hence there is no justification for ending the tender.

Jharkhand Building Corporation was directed to assess the work completed. The court said in its decision that when the work has almost been completed, re-tendering for the remaining work will cause loss of revenue to the state government.

Along with this, the court has directed Vijitha Construction to complete the remaining work by January 31, 2024 under any circumstances. In this case, senior advocate Ajit Kumar argued on behalf of Vijeta Construction.

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