Hasan Zaidi hopes to spread positivity in the time of Covid-19

Mumbai (IANS) Actor Hasan Zaidi, who can be seen in his new show “Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana”, he hopes that the show spreads positivity in the grim times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show revolves around Amrita (played by Esha Kansara) and Pritam (played by Hasan), who are completely opposite personalities.

“It’s a very positive title, especially in these times… I think anything which comes with this promise during such a time is beautiful. I hope we can entertain and divert people’s minds away from all the suffering that has happened and give them hope,” Hasan told IANS.

The actor, popular among his fans for shows like “Ghar Ek Sapna”, “Powder”, “Rishta.com”, plays the role of Pritam, who according to Hasan, is a loner.

“He has gone through a lot in life. He has a very happy family with different people, yet he’s a loner. It’s about the interactions that my character has with somebody from the opposite sex, who has very different ideologies, and all this creates a good chemistry and good storytelling,” the actor said.

For Hasan, it is essential to be in alignment with the writer and the director while essaying a role.

“The idea is to be physically and mentally in tune with what the makers or the writers think about Pritam and accordingly deliver to the best of my ability,” said the young actor, who lost 12 kg for the role.


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