Government wants to sell HEC to Adani, we will not let this happen – Rahul Gandhi

Ranchi:  A huge crowd reached Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting at the historic Shaheed Maidan in Ranchi on Monday. Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the Modi government on the issue of HEC. 

Rahul asked why HEC is being strangled. Why is injustice being done to HEC? The central government wants HEC should stop working and it should be sold to Adani. This should also be privatized.

The Modi government wants to make HEC people unemployed. But Congress will not allow this to happen. Rahul Gandhi said that we will not allow Adani’s name to be mentioned in HEC. 

Rahul said that Narendra Modi and his government are gradually destroying public enterprises. Wherever I go, I see PSU people standing with posters in their hands. Be it BHEL, HAL or HEC, all are gradually being handed over to Adani.

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