Government wants to give the right to live with dignity to the people of state: Chief Minister

Latehar: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the government wanted to give the right to live with dignity to the people of the state and asked the officials to make sure that there is no negligence in this regard. Participating in the Apke Adhikar, Apki Sarkar Apke Dwar at Kone village he said that the geographical location of Jharkhand is difficult due to which many areas the eyes and voice of the government may not reach and if the benefit of the schemes is not available to the needy, then what is the rationale of the schemes and this is the reason why when the people are not able to reach the government, then the government has come to their doors.

He said that efforts are being made to ensure that the last person gets the benefit of the scheme but if people do not participate in this programme, then the plan will be abandoned. He urged the people to come to the camps and take advantage of government schemes.

The Chief Minister said that the government would work to give identity to Jharkhand with the cooperation of the people of the state. The government is working towards speedy reforms in the earlier system but it will take some time he said adding that the government wants to give the people of the state the right to live with dignity and the tate officials should ensure that there is no deficiency in this.

The Chief Minister said that many villagers are dependent on forest produce therefore the government is going to prepare a strong system for this sector. A systematic model will be ready for all so that the income of the people who depend on forest produce can be increased the Chief Minister said adding that till earlier the work of giving pension in limited numbers was being done but the present government has made the number of beneficiaries from limited to unlimited and now all the old people, disabled, abandoned and widow women above 60 years of age will get the benefit of the pension scheme.

He said that efforts are being made that till the completion of two years of the government, the work of linking pension scheme to all should be completed. The Chief Minister said that the children of the state are victims of malnutrition which has to be removed. The government has decided to give eggs to government school children 6 days a week but eggs have to be purchased from other states therefore there is also potential in this area.

He said that people here should produce eggs by rearing poultry and the government will buy those eggs as it wanted to increase the income of the people. Minister Mithilesh Kumar Thakur said that it is a proud day as the programme is being organized in the land of the martyr. He said that the people got freedom only due to the sacrifice of the brave martyrs of Jharkhand.

He said that the Countless people of Latehar had fought for a separate state but the purpose for which the state was formed it’s real objectives have not been achieved so far he said adding that the present government is moving towards fulfilling the objective of state formation. He said that efforts are being made to rectify the earlier situations.

The minister pointed that as soon as the government was formed, the whole country was affected by the pandemic and Jharkhand was no exception to this but the government fought against the pandemic with limited resources.

He said that after coming out of the pandemic period, now the government has come to the door of the people to give the rights so that rural people can take advantage of the schemes.

Latehar MLA Baidyanath Ram said that the government is coming to the doorstep to give their rights to the people of the entire state and through this initiative to link the facilities available at the level of the government.

He said that the government wants to work for the village and the poor due to which the programme is being organized in every panchayat of Latehar. He said that the people of the village should come forward and speak freely in order to solve the problems. The people of the state should take advantage of the schemes he said adding work is being done to connect everyone with the pension scheme.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister spoke to Nilambar- Pitamber’s great-grandson Ramanand Singh and descendants Komal Singh. The Chief Minister ordered Deputy Commissioner Latehar to extend all possible help to the families of the brave martyrs and link them with government schemes.

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