Government is working to provide rights to tribals, indigenous people, Dalits, backward people and minorities – CM Hemant Soren

Simdega: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said, there is a fair like atmosphere in the camps being organised under the ‘Aapki Yojana – Aapki Sarkar – Aapke Dwar’ campaign. A large number of people are reaching here and getting information about the government’s schemes and also connecting with it. A team of officers is present in these camps. He is not only listening to the problems of the people with full sensitivity but is also solving them. I am sure that like the previous two phases, the third phase will also be very successful and effective. Chief Minister Hemant Soren was speaking at a meeting organized today at Kolebira in Simdega district.He was addressing the program organized for the third phase of “Aapki Yojana-Aapki Sarkar-Aapke Dwar”. 

On this occasion, he also interacted directly with the people who are becoming empowered and self-reliant by joining various welfare schemes of the government. The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand has been the land of heroes since the beginning. Many immortal brave martyrs like Lord Birsa Munda, Sido-Kanhu Nilambar- Pitambar, Telanga Khadiya gave their martyrdom while fighting against the British and exploitation. At the same time, hundreds of people sacrificed their lives in the movement that lasted for 40 years for a separate state of Jharkhand. Even today the tribal people here are struggling.

With the formation of Jharkhand for these brave martyrs, our government is giving their rights and entitlements to the tribals – indigenous people, tribals, dalits, backward classes and minorities with full respect. The Chief Minister said that it has been 23 years since Jharkhand became a separate state. But, its expected development could not take place. Many minerals are found here. There is an abundance of natural resources. It is rich in water, forest and land.

The people here are hardworking. Still this state is backward. People have been migrating for livelihood. But, no one paid attention to this. Ever since our government was formed, we have been assessing the major problems related to the state and making plans based on them, so that along with the state, the people of the state also develop at a faster pace.

The Chief Minister said that unless the government provides social security cover to its people, the state will not progress strongly, keeping this thought in mind, our government has implemented the Universal Pension Scheme. 

Under this scheme, pensions of all the elderly, widows and disabled people will be provided. It is being ensured.

At the same time, our government has also given the gift of the old pension scheme to the government employees, because pension is a stick for their old age. Our government is committed to providing social security to everyone. The Chief Minister said that the ration cards of 11 lakh people here were earlier snatched away. But, our government has issued 20 lakh green ration cards and these are being purchased by purchasing grains at the market price. Now every ration card holder will be given one kg of pulses along with grains.

The Chief Minister said that poor and houseless people of the state will be given furnished three-room houses. For this, Abua Housing Scheme has been started. Under this, 8 lakh houses will be built in the next 3 years.

At the same time, to maintain continuous connectivity between villages and cities, Mukhyamantri Gram Gaadi Yojana has been started. All elderly, disabled and students will get free bus transport service under this scheme. The Chief Minister said that the government has opened the way for people of every class and section to move forward.

Along with government jobs, offer letters are being given to the youth on a large scale in the private sector also. There is Mukhyamantri Self-Employment Creation Scheme for youth seeking self-employment. \ There are many schemes for farmers, cattle herders and laborers like Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Yojana, Birsa Harit Gram Yojana and Didi Bari Yojana. Under the Sona Sobaran Dhoti Saree Scheme, clothes are being given to the poor twice a year.

Phulo-Jhano Ashirwad Yojana is being run to connect the women selling liquor with respectable livelihood. There is Savitribai Phule Kishori Samriddhi Yojana for the education of girls. Under the Marang Gomke Overseas Scholarship Scheme, 100% scholarship is being given to tribal, Dalit, minority and backward class students to study abroad.

The government is providing financial assistance for everything from preparation for competitive exams to courses like medical engineering and law. There are many other such schemes, through which work is being done to empower the tribals, Dalit minorities, backward classes, farmers, laborers, women and youth.

The Chief Minister said that the job of government employees is to serve the public. Because, this is what they get paid for. In such a situation, officers and employees should fulfill their responsibilities with full honesty and devotion. The government will reward those who do good work. Along with this, the government has always been taking positive decisions on their legitimate demands and problems and will do the same in future also.

The Chief Minister said that if we do not take precautions in time, the primitive tribes will reach the verge of extinction. Our government is making efforts towards empowering the primitive tribes. In this series, students of primitive tribes are being given coaching to prepare for competitive examinations. I have full faith that these children will achieve their position with their hard work and will bring glory to their family and tribe by becoming collectors and other big officials.

The Chief Minister said that Simdega-Khunti area is known for hockey. The passion for hockey can be seen in every house here. The result of this is that many international hockey players have emerged from here, who are bringing glory to their family, state and country. In such a situation, many stadiums are being built here to promote hockey. Recently, Jharkhand hosted the Asian Hockey Championship in a grand and grand manner, which was seen by the whole world.

Olympic qualifying is to be held here in January next year also. This is enough to show how much effort the government is making to promote sports like hockey. On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated 653 schemes constructed at a cost of Rs 20 crore 99 lakh 65 thousand 111. At the same time, the foundation stone of 800 schemes was laid. A total of Rs 134 crore 78 lakh 54 thousand 339 will be spent on these schemes.

In this way, the people of Simdega got the gift of 1453 schemes worth Rs 155 crore 78 lakh 19 thousand 440. The Chief Minister paved the way for their empowerment and became self-reliant by providing assets worth Rs 31 crore 17 lakh 62 thousand 385 among 40321 beneficiaries of various schemes.

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