Glassware can redefine the art of dining and wining

New Delhi (IANSlife) Enjoying a meal or sharing a drink is not just about nourishment but also about creating memorable experiences. Crystalware elevates these experiences, making every dining moment a celebration of taste, style, and sophistication. As wine is a revelation of personal taste so is the corresponding wine glass. Thus, the glass plays a highly significant role in clarifying the wine’s properties.

IANSlife speaks to Nutchavinee Nikhomchaiprasert, Executive Director -Marketing, Ocean Glass Company Ltd to find out what it takes to enrich your fine dine and wine experience.

What was the inspiration behind Lucaris crystalware and how does it reflect the modern Asian dining and wining lifestyle?

Nutchavinee: Our inspiration is a deep desire to immerse people in a passionate lifestyle experience through modern Asian craftsmanship. We wanted to redefine the art of dining and wining by offering glassware that combines contemporary design with the rich cultural heritage of Asia. Our crystalware reflects the modern Asian dining and wining lifestyle through its innovative designs and exceptional quality. Each piece is carefully crafted to enhance the taste, aroma, and visual presentation of fine drinks. By blending traditional Asian elements with modern aesthetics, we aim to create a harmonious balance between functionality and elegance. Lucaris crystalware embodies the spirit of modern Asian dining and wining by offering a transformative experience that reflects our passion for blending tradition and innovation.

How does Lucaris collaborate with renowned designers to create world-class stemware and wine accessories?

Nutchavinee: We strongly believe in the collaboration and importance of design in enhancing the overall drinking experience through a crafted creation of unique pieces that stand out in the market.

Our collaborations with professional designers are integral to the development of our collections. For instance, we have partnered with experts in the fields of wine, cocktails, and whisky to create our Master’s Choice collection including GRAN, The Elements, RIMS, and Desire. These collaborations ensure that our glassware is not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to the specific beverage enhancement and preferences of discerning consumers.

The success of our design collaborations is reflected in the multiple awards we have received. Lucaris has been honored with prestigious accolades such as the iF Design Award from Germany, Good Design Award (G Mark) from Japan, Design Excellence Award (D Mark) from Thailand, and Golden Pin Design Award from Taiwan. These awards are a testament to the creativity, innovation, and exceptional quality that our collaborations bring to our products.

By working closely with renowned designers, we are able to push the boundaries of glassware design and create pieces that not only elevate the drinking experience but also add a touch of artistry to the table.

Could you explain the process of combining Eastern glassmaking expertise with Western technology to achieve exceptional clarity, brilliance, and durability in your crystal glassware?

Nutchavinee: This unique fusion of East and West allows us to create glassware that showcases the best of both worlds. We achieve our high standards of quality through the glass making expertise and craftmanship between Ocean Glass Public Company Limited Thailand and Toyo Sasaki Glass Japan, together with the advanced glass technology from Germany. The infusion of Western technology allows us to enhance our manufacturing processes and elevate the quality of our crystal glassware.

Our crystal glassware boasts remarkable clarity, brilliance, and durability, which are essential attributes for enhancing the overall drinking experience.It makes our glassware the preferred choice for those seeking the high quality and aesthetic excellence.

How does Lucaris aim to evoke the senses and enhance the experience of modern Asian cuisine with its wine glasses?

Nutchavinee: As life is a series of passionate experiences, our wine glasses are designed with careful consideration to evoke the senses and elevate the dining experience with the clarity and brilliance of our crystal glassware allowing the vibrant colors of the wine to shine through and enhancing the visual appeal and setting the stage for a delightful sensory journey.

Each glass is crafted with precision to optimize the aroma and bouquet of the wine, allowing the fragrances to be captured and enjoyed to their fullest extent. By selecting the right crystal glassware from Lucaris, individuals can elevate their dining occasions, create memorable moments, and showcase their discerning taste and style.

Can you share some insights into the specific glassware collections curated for different types of wines and the thought process behind their design?

Nutchavinee: Our first design collaboration is Desire Collection. The glass series was co-designed and co-created by Lucaris and the Hong Kong Sommelier Association – Greater China. It’s the affection that brings glassmakers and wine lovers together to co-create Asian’s exquisite crystal wine glass collection.

As wine is a revelation of personal taste and so is the corresponding wine glass. Thus, the glass plays a highly significant role in clarifying the wine’s properties. The crystal wine glasses in the Desire Collection fall into 6 categories through 6 unique designed wine glasses.

The collaboration had led to Lucaris’s ground-breaking accomplishment in the form of a distinctive design called the “Aerlumer”. The curling patterns of the lines under the bowl support micro-oxidation, which is a process conducting the wine to expose itself to a greater level of oxygen.

The Desire glass series had been tested by many well-known sommeliers and received satisfaction and only positive feedback as the fact that all can appreciate the bouquets and aromas coming from the glasses.

What are some unique features of Lucaris crystalware that make it stand out in terms of quality and performance?

Nutchavinee: Lucaris crystalware has garnered multiple Design and Innovation Awards, a testament to our commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of design. These accolades highlight our dedication to creating glassware that not only looks beautiful but also functions exceptionally well. Our master collections are designed by award-winning sommeliers, mixologists, and designers who bring their expertise and passion to the table. This collaboration ensures that our glassware is not only visually appealing but also optimized for enhancing the sensory experience of enjoying wines, cocktails, and spirits.

What truly sets Lucaris crystalware apart is our exquisite modern Asian craftsmanship. We blend traditional glassmaking techniques with contemporary design sensibilities, resulting in glassware that exudes elegance and sophistication. The fusion of Eastern artistry and Western influences creates a unique aesthetic that appeals to a global audience.

At Lucaris, we go beyond just providing high-quality glassware. We offer value-added services such as consultancy, after-sales service, and claims assistance. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support and ensure customer satisfaction throughout their journey with our products. Additionally, we prioritize stock availability to meet the demands of our customers promptly and efficiently.

How does Lucaris envision the role of its stemware in redefining the art of pairing wines with modern Asian cuisine? Through the activities including communication in social media content e.g. Wine and Asian

Nutchavinee: By understanding the unique flavors, textures, and aromas of Asian dishes, we create stemware specifically designed to enhance the overall dining experience. Our glassware allows the wine to breathe, bringing out the subtle nuances and characteristics that perfectly complement the flavors of modern Asian cuisine. Through activities like communication in social media content, such as Wine and Asian, we provide educational resources and recommendations for wine and food pairings, empowering wine enthusiasts to explore the exciting world of pairing wines with modern Asian dishes. We believe that the right stemware can elevate the dining experience, allowing wine lovers to fully appreciate the intricate interplay between flavors and creating memorable moments of culinary delight.

In what ways does Lucaris prioritize sustainability in its production processes and materials used?

Nutchavinee: Lucaris is revolutionising the industry by embracing sustainable initiatives that champion environmental stewardship. Committed to striking a harmonious balance between exquisite craftsmanship and responsible practices, Lucaris is redefining the art of glassware through the lens of sustainability.

One of our pillars of a sustainable approach is our unwavering dedication to producing lead-free crystals with less than 10 per cent metallic oxides. This conscientious composition not only ensures the safety of consumers but also minimises the environmental impact of their production processes. We take pride in our eco-conscious manufacturing practices, prioritising waste and energy reduction throughout our operations. By implementing innovative technologies and optimising resource utilisation, we strive to leave a minimal ecological footprint. Furthermore, we employ eco-friendly materials for the packaging, reducing the reliance on single-use plastics and embracing responsible packaging solutions.

Lucaris’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond its manufacturing practices. We actively advocate for circular living, encouraging customers to participate in the lifecycle of their glassware under Rs 3; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Customers are inspired to cherish and reuse their glassware, contributing to the circular economy by returning used glasses to be repurposed into new creations.

Can you share some upcoming initiatives or plans that Lucaris has in store for the future?

Nutchavinee: We are committed to continually delighting our customers and expanding our presence in the market.One of our main objectives is to increase our market coverage in the upper HoReCa segment. We aim to establish Lucaris as the go-to choice for premium crystal glassware in high-end hotels, restaurants, and catering establishments. By forging strong partnerships and delivering exceptional products and services, we strive to become the preferred brand in the hospitality industry.

Towards the end of the year, we have two more remarkable launches scheduled: a new premium lifestyle crystal collection that will showcase our dedication to craftsmanship and design excellence, elevating the experience of wine appreciation and modern Asian dining to new heights. Additionally, our festive collection, also launching in the fourth quarter of 2023, will be thoughtfully curated to enhance the joy and celebration of special occasions, providing elegant and refined glassware options that perfectly complement the spirit of the season.

In terms of market trends and consumer preferences, what are some emerging patterns in the glassware and stemware industry? How is Lucaris adapting to meet the changing demands of its target audience?

Nutchavinee: The glassware and stemware industries are witnessing several emerging patterns and shifts in consumer preferences. One notable trend is the growing demand for personalisation. Consumers now seek unique and customized experiences, even when it comes to their glassware. Lucaris recognizes this trend and is actively adapting to meet the changing demands of our target audience.

We understand that personalisation adds a special touch and creates a sense of exclusivity. To cater to this trend, we have introduced the option of wine glass name engraving. This allows customers to have their names or personalised messages etched onto their wine glasses, adding a personal and memorable element to their dining and wine experiences. This customisation feature is not limited to retail customers; we also extend this service to luxury 4- and 5-star hotels, ensuring that they can provide a truly personalised experience to their guests.

Our dedication to customization is just one example of how Lucaris is embracing evolving consumer preferences. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and introducing new features and designs that reflect the desires of our discerning customers. By adapting to changing demands and embracing personalisation, we aim to maintain our position as a leader in the glassware and stemware industry and continue to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

In the context of the glassware industry, what are some of the current challenges or opportunities that Lucaris and other brands are facing? How is Lucaris positioning itself to stay competitive in the market?

Nutchavinee: The glassware industry, like any other industry, faces its own set of challenges and opportunities. One of the prominent challenges is the rapid pace of change in the world. As consumer preferences and market dynamics evolve, brands need to stay nimble and adapt quickly to meet the ever-changing demands of their target customers.

As mentioned earlier, Lucaris recognises the importance of staying ahead of these changes and continually developing our products and services to align with the evolving requirements of our customers. We prioritise market research and consumer insights to gain a deep understanding of their preferences and expectations. This allows us to anticipate trends and proactively develop new designs and features that cater to their needs.

To stay competitive in the market, Lucaris positions itself as a brand that not only offers exceptional quality but also understands the importance of continuous development. We invest in research and development to explore new materials, technologies, and designs that push the boundaries of glassware craftsmanship. By embracing innovation and staying at the forefront of industry trends, we ensure that our products remain relevant and appealing to our target customers.

Moreover, Lucaris believes in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships. By collaborating with renowned designers, sommeliers, and mixologists, we infuse their expertise into our collections, creating unique and captivating glassware that stands out in the market. This collaborative approach allows us to tap into different perspectives and create designs that resonate with a diverse range of consumers.

Lucaris positions itself as a brand that embraces change, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and strives for continuous improvement. By addressing the challenges, leveraging the opportunities, and staying true to our commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship, we aim to remain competitive in the dynamic glassware industry and continue to exceed the expectations of our customers.

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