Getting permanent eyelash extensions? Keep these points in mind

New Delhi (IANSlife) Going through a permanent make-up procedure can be tricky, especially if you are a first timer. When it comes to permanent eyelash extensions, one needs to take the right before and after care steps to prevent the extensions from getting damaged or falling out sooner.

Mumbai-based permanent make-up specialist Shagun Gupta shares a few points to keep in mind if you’re set to go through with the procedure:

Learn about the products that are going to be used and what are the activities that can damage your extensions.

Avoid all kinds of oil – based cosmetic and beauty products around your eye area before a procedure

Study the consultation form that contains the information regarding the whole process very carefully

Natural eyelashes to apply the extensions to is an absolute must; those with alopecia, or those who have lost their natural lashes due to chemotherapy should avoid this

Keep your lashes clean from dirt and debris by cleansing them regularly. Lash Lounge’s Aftercare maintenance kit gently removes makeup and cleanses all the oil particles and dirt from around the eye area. Regular cleansing may prolong the time period between your lash fills.

Ensure you are using PH balanced lash cleanser pads to remove the oil and makeup from your eyelashes.

Do not forget to brush your eyelash extensions on regular basis with nylon or silicone mascara wand.

It is very important for you to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after the procedure or application done.

Get rid of oil-based cosmetic around the eye area as it will loosen the glue bond and your lashes will fall out before the time.

The most important lesson for eyelash extension is eDo Not Pick’, you might be tempted to pick lashes… sometimes it’s a habit which you can’t resist. Picking and pulling will cause you to lose your natural lashes. So always steer yourself away from this habit

Keep your lashes combed with mascara wand which you get it from your expert.

Ensure that the length and volume is perfect so that it can last longer.

Lastly, one should get a Botox treatment done to your lashes, it is a fairly new treatment that keeps the lashes healthy and makes them grow faster. As it is like a keratin treatment it also makes your hair strong and shine.

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