Ganesh Acharya was on his toes for ‘Dehati Disco’!

New Delhi (IANS) Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya along with ‘Dehati Disco’ director Manoj Sharma and Saksham Sharma were in the capital to promote their film.

Ganesh talked about the movie, its title and his shooting experience and his bond with 11-year-old ‘Super Dancer 3’ finalist Saksham Sharma.

While talking about the title, he asserts: “‘Dehati’ means village for everyone but for me ‘Deh’ is body and ‘Ti’ is soul, so it means our culture and disco is western culture. So, this movie reflects conflict between two cultures and it also reflects my love for our Indian culture.”

The entire movie revolves around father-son bond, and Ganesh has all the appreciation for Saksham, who plays his son and Saksham is in awe as he got an opportunity to work with Ganesh Acharya.

Saksham, who is fascinated to work with Ganesh, shares: “I learned a lot from Ganesh sir. He is a legend. I was very nervous initially. He taught me that on beats it is not always necessary to do fast steps but to perform in a smooth and soft way. I just hope everyone likes my performance.”

Ganesh praised him saying: “Saksham is mini Ganesh. I was like him only as a child.”

He adds: “This movie is very close to my heart as it is about father-son bond. My father died when I was just 10 and he was a great dancer. My father always wanted to be a choreographer and after his death I fulfilled his dream. So, I really connect with this film. After ‘ABCD’ when Manoj ji approached me to work for some other movie, I said ‘I am a choreographer and acting is not my job’. Then I told him this story of a father and son and told him to make a movie on this subject.”

Ganesh, who has also choreographed for ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ says he hopes the south film industry also supports his film like they loved his choreography in the film.

“I am from Bollywood. I still got a lot of love there and I hope to get the same appreciation for ‘Dehati Disco’ from south people.”

On selecting Saksham for the movie, director Manoj shares: “We did auditions from all over India but when the tape of Saksham came, Master ji (Ganesh Acharya) said, ‘Call him from Ludhiana, we can work on him.’ He auditioned in front of him and he came prepared with Master ji’s steps, so he selected him in just two minutes.”

Ganesh asserts: “It was not easy to shoot for this movie but I am sure people will see our Indian culture and its beauty,” he concludes.

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