Fulfil societal expectations and defend the constitution of India, Governor to Law students at NUSRL convocation

Ranchi: Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan on Saturday asked the law students to fulfil societal expectations and defend the constitution of India. “ The objective of a law university is to prepare skilled professionals with profound knowledge, enabling them not only to become lawyers and judges but also to fulfil societal expectations and defend the constitution of India. Law is considered a noble profession, especially in societies where the rule of law prevails.

In our country, Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi ji, and many freedom fighters were lawyers” said governor while addressing the 5th convocation ceremony of NUSRL (National University of Study and Research in Law), Ranchi.

He said “ after independence, our nation witnessed the emergence of numerous great lawyers and judges who made significant contributions to maintaining the supremacy and importance of the constitution. It is crucial to recognize their pivotal role in shaping the history of our constitutional journey. 6. Dear graduates, you will always be advocates for the weak and guardians of justice. Your duty is to fight against injustice wherever it may exist. As advocates, you should lead the charge against various forms of crime, domestic violence, discrimination, and oppression. It is crucial for law students and professionals to remain socially aware and vigilant about societal issues. Legal education should be more than just a means of livelihood. Continuous contemplation is necessary to understand how your actions can positively impact the common people”.

The impressive ranking of NUSRL in the MHRD National Institutional Ranking Framework, 2022, stands as a notable achievement. The success stories of NUSRL alumni serve as a source of inspiration for all students. I know; that graduates from NUSRL have excelled, securing placements in top-tier law firms, and some have pursued advanced studies at world[1]class institutions” said Governor.

He said “ . My dear students, at this moment, I am reminded of a quote by Nelson Mandela: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ As you graduate today, equipped with your respective degrees from this University, I urge each of you to recognize the immense potential you now possess. Your education extends far beyond textbooks, encompassing critical thinking, effective communication, and cooperation with diverse groups of people. You have been prepared not only for the courtroom but for every facet of life where principles of justice are paramount. Remember that your responsibility is not just to practice law but to practice it with a sense of purpose”

“ Our constitution is one of the finest in the world, and everyone should study it thoroughly. The framers of our constitution envisioned a nation where ‘equality before the law’ and ‘justice for all’ were pillars that would protect the rights of every section of society. Safeguarding the ideals and rights enshrined in our constitution is your primary responsibility” “ India, as the world’s largest democracy, relies on our constitution as a guide to building an ideal society. Therefore, we must protect the ideals and rights outlined in our constitution, and the contribution of law students in this endeavour is crucial. Whether in personal matters or representing your clients, always strive to uphold the rule of law.

 Law professionals should view legal education as a means to serve society rather than merely a source of livelihood. Always strive to be the guardians of the basic rights of citizens, work towards ensuring civic freedom, and contribute to solving the problems of the poor and needy” .  

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