Friendship Day: A weekend getaway with your bestie

New Delhi (IANSlife) After having spent most part of the last 18 months at home, travel bucket lists have only become longer with the number of must-visit places constantly adding up every month.

With restrictions easing across the country, it looks like the wait is finally over. It’s finally time to hit the reset button, get set for a much-needed break, and tick some destinations off the bucket list this friendship day.

To help you get started, here is an exciting selection of a few Airbnb Homes across India for your next getaway. So, dust off those travel journals, bring down the suitcases, and plan your next outing!

Meraki @ The Woodhouse Farm, Satoli, Uttarakhand

Located in the picturesque village of Satoli, Meraki, one of Airbnb’s most popular stays is ideal for an off-the-beaten-track holiday. Surrounded by beautiful peach, plum and apricot orchards, this two-bedroom wooden getaway is literally a breath of fresh air. Each room is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows for the best view of the Himalayas, open skies, and endless fields of trees. The unique cottage also comes with a mini kitchenette and a private dining space, making for the perfect escape from everyday life.

Cosy Cabin In The Woods, Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

Get ready to be mesmerized in Himachal’s Kufri, famous for pine trees, apple orchards, and flying squirrels. The fantastic and rugged style of this wooden retreat makes it an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of locked-down life. The log cabin comes with a sunny balcony, a lovely, rustic lawn and a fantastic view! A stay at this cosy cabin is a great way to bask in the charms of nature and appreciate the simple things in life.

Living Waters, Kerala

No matter what time of the year, Kerala always feels like a fresh catch for vacation-goers. After all, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by backwaters first thing in the morning? Living Waters in the fishing village of Kuzhipally is a wonderful retreat, allowing you to unwind into its spacious verandas and comfortable rooms. The highlight of this stay would, however, have to be the selection of freshly caught fish that you can tuck into any time of the day!

Stellar Assagao, Goa

If you need a reason to visit Goa, then let it be this gorgeous Airbnb villa. You can expect all that Goa is known for — sunshine, blue skies, pleasing trees, and inviting waters — under one roof, so you absolutely don’t have to leave the beautiful three-bedroom two-storey stay. Each room is clean, spacious, and comfortable and includes all modern conveniences. The most fitting way to make the most of your holiday would be to spend the day by the poolside and take in all of Goa’s laid-back vibes.

Midhill Cottage: Wildrose Suite, Shillong

Say goodbye to deadlines and say hello to cloudy mornings. If you’ve missed being outside, then Midhill Cottage is just right to fulfil all your outdoor cravings. Whether you’re travelling solo, or with friends or family, the stay which boasts a lovely lawn and comfortable interiors is sure to make you feel comfortable right away. It is situated close to the main market, so whenever you feel the need to learn more about the quaint and quiet suburb of Nongshilliang-Nongthymmai, put on your walking shoes and simply head out.

Breeze On The Beach, Alibaug

If you don’t feel like venturing very far, then Alibaug is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet be close to nature. On the outside, the beachfront villa extends breath-taking views, a lovely garden area, complete with shamianas, a bar and a pool. On the inside, it’s a homely set up with airy rooms, each providing enough natural light. Also, on offer are also a lot of outdoor and indoor activities, including a jetty, electric bicycles, pool tables, table tennis, and much more.

Tree House @ Kailasa Woods, Dehradun

Living among the trees is the best way to stay indoors and yet feel like you’re out in the open. Surround yourself with greens instead of staring at your screen. The stay is easily accessible by a well-built stairway, it has modular interiors, with a neatly designed look and most modern amenities. Great food, fresh air, and the sound of birds, probably the best way to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Traditional Villa in Heritage town, Pondicherry

While the beaches of Pondicherry are already high on most bucket lists, here’s another attraction. The Traditional Villa, which is situated in the lovely Heritage town, and at a walking distance from all its famous cafes and restaurants, is as charming as it can get. The two-storey stay comes with a living room, dining room, a gorgeous courtyard and a convenient kitchen. A lovely green spiral staircase leads to the floor housing three large bedrooms, one pink, one green, and one mauve. A perfect place to catch up on lost time with family and friends.

The Barn, Delhi

The barn is guaranteed to help you beat the lockdown blues. The farm stay encapsulates everything a dream holiday is made of! The cottage is situated on a two-acre farm with abundant Palm, Ashoka and Champa trees. The romantic suite offers the best combination of nature and adventure, where you can visit the stables, indulge in horseback riding, hold bonfires and barbecues and if you’re lucky, you may even spot a peacock.

Villa Habu, Rajasthan

What better way to enjoy the lovely city of Udaipur than from a room with a lake view? The stay is a cool mix of modern design in a backdrop of traditional architecture. The luxury villa on the island comes with a heated infinity pool only accessible by boat. Secluded and opulent, the villa is a treat where you can create more everlasting memories.

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