Four elephants run over by Mumbai mail in Jharkhand

Ranchi, Apr 16: A group of four elephants were run over by the speeding Mumbai Mail  Chakardharpur-Jharsuguda rail section on the bordering areas of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Forest officials  said that the incident took place between Bagidih and Panpali railway stations at around 4 am when the train which was travelling at a speed of 120 km/per hour when the group of the elephants was hit by the train.

The train traffic was hit on the line for about an hour but was later  restored after the bodies of the tuskers was removed from the tracks using a crane.

Forest officials said that between Bagidih-Panpali raiwaly stations there is a very thick forest which is also a movement zone for the elephants. In the wee hours of the day as soon as a train passed on the track a group of four elephants including two big and couple of baby elephants started running on the track due to which they were hit by the train and died on the spot.

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